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Meet Dentist Edward F. Tate at Kirkwood Family Dental

Office Information

At Edward F. Tate, D.D.S., we believe that you deserve the best care. That is why we always present you with the best dental solution possible to treat your personal situation. Each year we provide outstanding dental care to hundreds of patients. Here are some important things you should know…

Treatment Plan

In order to achieve a healthy oral condition, it is important that you fully understand the condition of your mouth, the treatment necessary to obtain a healthy mouth and the fees involved. We will thoroughly explain all of these things to you before your treatment is initiated and provide you with a written copy of the plan. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


When you schedule an appointment in our office, you are confirming that this date and time works for you. As a courtesy to you, every effort is made to remind of the appointment you scheduled. Only a limited number of appointments are available daily and a specific amount of time is reserved especially for you. We do not “double book” in anticipation of you not arriving for your appointment. We will make every effort to be respectful of your time and ask in return that any appointment cancellation be accompanied by forty-eight (48) hours notice. Therefore, last minute cancellations or “no shows”, result in unutilized professional time with Dr. Tate or the dental hygienist and put upward pressure on overhead and fees. Appointments canceled with less than forty-eight hours notice, or, not arrived for, are subject to a charge. Priority will be given to patients that arrive on time. If you are late for your appointment, it may be necessary to reschedule you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration in this matter.


Fees for services provided are due on that date of service. We do require payment in full before treatment has begun. This reduces the overhead necessitated by a monthly billing system and allows us to maintain our fee schedule at a level that is less dependent on rising costs. For your convenience, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Care Credit, Citi Health card, cash and checks.


We accept any submittable insurance plans (plans that do not require you to select a dentist from a list). That means we work with literally thousands of companies. Your dental insurance benefits are a contract made between your employer, and your insurance company. No two contracts are alike; many cover varying percentages of your expenses, some cover none, but rarely is coverage 100%. Dental benefit plans will never pay for the completion of your dental care.

Patients without Dental Insurance

If you do not have dental insurance, we will do everything we can to make your dental treatment convenient and still remain consistent with our overall office policy. We have several convenient payment options available to you. We also offer a 5% bookkeeping discount if you chose to pay for your treatment in full, at the start of treatment, with cash or check only.


If you are in need of an extended finance option, we also work with several independent financing institutions. They offer up to 12 months same as cash options, made possible because we absorb the interest costs. Just ask one of the patient service staff for an application.

Initial Examination

Your initial examination with Dr. Tate (outside of an emergency, or, problem focused visit), we will be doing a complete full mouth oral evaluation. Dr. Tate will give you a complete picture of your oral health, and this will be your opportunity to ask Dr. Tate any questions you may have. For our patients that are not using dental insurance, we offer an affordable New Patient Special, which includes a comprehensive oral evaluation, full x-rays and a healthy mouth cleaning. For children under age 13, a fluoride treatment is also included. Please call the office if you have any further questions.

Please accept these policies as an aid for complete understanding between us so that we may provide you with the highest quality of dental care that you desire and deserve.