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Edward F. Tate, D.D.S.

Dr. Tate and the entire team at Kirkwood Family Dental is dedicated to providing you and your family with the personalized, gentle dental care that you deserve.

Your smile says a lot about you. Our concern for your comfort while maintaining and improving your smile says a lot about us. You and your children will feel welcome and at ease from the moment you arrive for your first visit at Kirkwood Family Dental.

You won't believe how easy and relaxed going to the dentist can be.


Dr. Tate's Motto: "No pain. Your gain." Dentistry Does Not Have To Be Painful

Do you know people who like going to the dentist? We do. We see a lot of them each day at Kirkwood Family Dental.

Pain is the reason most people don't like going to the dentist. Fear of pain is the reason some people avoid going to the dentist at all costs, receiving care only for dental emergencies. If you are nodding your head right now, we have a secret to share: Dentistry does not have to be painful.

At Kirkwood Family Dental, people from toddlers to seniors quickly learn that dentistry without pain can be a positive experience. Many patients tell us that before their first visit with Dr. Tate, the mere thought of going to the dentist would make them cringe. Almost as many tell us that they now actually look forward to their dental appointments.

Dr. Tate puts it well, "No pain. Your Gain."

Kirkwood Family Dental Services Provided by Dr. Tate and His Staff

What Kirkwood Family Dental Patients Say About Dentist Dr. Edward Tate

Dr. Tate loves being a dentist and it shows. His happy mood is contagious.

- R.S., Sunset Hills, MO

I kept waiting for it to hurt and it never did. Dr. Tate is the real deal.

- M.I., Kirkwood, MO

When I went to Dr. Tate for my root canal, I was scared to death. I'd never had one before and expected it to be a horrible experience. I still can't believe how quick and painless it was. It really ended up being no big deal.

- O.B., Florissant, MO

Thank you for making going to the dentist something I no longer dread.

- P.T., Brentwood, MO

Before going to Dr. Tate, every experience I've had at the dentist's office had been miserable. When Dr. Tate saw what I wreck I was, he talked to me and really listened. I never felt rushed. He is the most compassionate dentist I've ever met. He told me exactly what he was going to do and how he could to it without pain. It didn't hurt at all when he worked on my teeth and the results were better than I ever imagined. I can't recommend him enough.

- J.T., Wildwood, MO

Dr. Tate, thank you for seeing me on such short notice after I broke the front tooth on my plate. You're always so kind!

- G.W., Town & Country, MO